Meet the awesome team of contributors who know that just one song can change your entire outlook.

Kristen Mollica (Editor) – Grammar nerd and writer by day, ninja by night, and somewhere in between, a professional concert junkie. Since Kristen cannot create her own music, she relies on those more talented than herself to explain how she feels through music. When Kristen isn’t blogging about awesome sauce music, she’s drinking beer and attempting to formulate cohesive sentences about it. Check out her beer blog too.

Ryan Ross – Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes once said, “I use music to make me feel shit—so I can feel it when I want to, not when the feeling wants me to have it.” Ryan Ross is a lot like Jesse Hughes, minus the mustache and the affinity for methamphetamine. Follow Ryan on Twitter @CallMeHerb418

Anna Murphy – Anna Murphy works in Beauty PR and resides in the East Village of Manhattan with her sorority sister. She enjoys long runs on the Hudson River, live music, vegan cookies and the Florida Gators.

Nicholas Palumbo – Babies learn to crawl, learn to walk and then learn to ride a bike. Somewhere in between all of that, Nicholas learned the words to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and playing with David Bowie 33′s. Fast forward to the day and age of the Internet and you have a guy who writes for the likes of Consequence of Sound, The Deli Magazine and at least 4 other publications at any given time. Finding him is kind of easy – just head to Long Island and find the one pale European 23 year old who chooses an arcade over fist-pumping on a Saturday night.

Christine Melgarejo – Christine is a writer by day, serial killer by night from Queens, New York, with an eclectic musical palate. Her iPod contains video game scores, ambient music from Disney theme parks, the latest Death Cab for Cutie album, and dubstep artists, among other random genres. In her spare time, she likes to do the Running Man in her chair. When she goes to Gaga concerts, she flails her arms like a mad woman.

Lucas Irazoqui – Lucas is a full-time Stevie Ray Vaughan maniac and a blues/jazz aficionado hailing from Queens, New York. When he is not writing or complaining about the music industry and its erratic ways, he spends most of the time studying Jazz guitar and/or reading some good ol’ Faulkner — you know, just to keep things fresh! Music is his fuel and he hopes that, in some small way, it is yours as well. Check his blog for some more kicks!

Claire Bullen – Claire listens to music like a leech: she spins the same few albums for months at a time until their sweet, sonic juices have been sucked dry. Her 14 year-old self owned a pair of Strokes underwear, and her 23 year-old self would like to take St. Vincent’s Annie Clark up on her original offer and choose a wedding date. When she isn’t emoting heavily along with her favorite tunes, she sings in the shower, cooks a lot of curry, leads walking tours in Brooklyn, and writes a blog about craft beer.

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