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Wait and Bleed

Artist: Slipknot Song: Wait and Bleed Album: Slipknot Mood: Tired of emotions Simply feeling is draining, both mentally and physically. The past two weeks have been nothing but a whirlwind of mixed emotions and I feel exhausted. If only there … Continue reading

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Disappointment for the Grammy Awards

Artist: Evanescence Song: My Heart Is Broken Album: Evanescence Mood: Disappointed I can’t honestly say I’ve ever had much hope in award shows, whether it be the Grammys or the Academy Awards. And I think most musicians today have come … Continue reading

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Musical A.D.H.D.

Artist: The Agonist Song: Thank You Pain Album: Lullabies For The Dormant Mind Mood: Frantic, impatient, and not satisfied with anything This work day is absolutely dragging. I feel like I’ve been at work for about 16 hours right now, … Continue reading

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Breaking the Habit

Artist: Linkin Park Song: Breaking the Habit Album: Meteora Mood: Frustrated to change Change is always welcome but sometimes it’s necessary. You can either sit around complaining that it’s not raining sunshine dust on you or go do something about … Continue reading

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Slipping Into the Void

Artist: Nine Inch Nails Song: Into the Void Album: The Fragile Mood: Morose and frustrated When life gets frustrating and too much to handle, Trent Reznor always seems to have my back. Today is one of those days where it’s … Continue reading

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Old Brand New

By Nicholas Palumbo Artist: Brand New Song: “Okay, I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don’t” Album: Deja Entendu Mood: Teenage Angst As humans, we handle stress in many different ways. We can simply sit down with a friend and … Continue reading

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I Just Wanna Be Myself

Song: Hair Artist: Lady Gaga Album: Born This Way Mood: Frustrated by society’s judgments Today’s mood hits close to home. This post is for the outsiders, the freaks, and those simply forgotten about. We’ve all experienced the cruelty of a … Continue reading

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