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Good Enough for Valentine’s Day

Artist: Evanescence Song: Good Enough Album: The Open Door Mood: Lovey dovey Last Valentine’s Day I wrote an anti-holiday post, mainly because I was single and somewhat jaded by the dating scene–having been single for a year and a half … Continue reading

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Unlock the Heavens in My Mind

Artist: Evanescence Song: Secret Door Album: Evanescence Mood: Dreamy, love Lead singer Amy Lee is always at her most vulnerable during stripped down songs–”My Immortal,” “Hello,” “Good Enough.” I’m not sure about my readers, but I’ve always been a sucker … Continue reading

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Feeling the Change Consume Me

Artist: Tool Song: Forty-six & 2 Album: Aenima Mood: Positive change and happiness It has been a good two+ months since I have written a post on this blog. And it is not for lack of inspiration, plenty of emotions … Continue reading

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Learning to Say Goodbye

Artist: Madonna Song: The Power of Good-Bye Album: Ray of Light Mood: Sad to say goodbye Just an hour ago I was bopping along to my “starred” songs on Spotify, enjoying the wub wubs of dubstep, the chugging metal of … Continue reading

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A Prescription for the Blues

Artist: Hugh Laurie Song: You Don’t Know My Mind Album: Let Them Talk Mood: The good ol’ blues Fans of the television show House already know Hugh Laurie has a passion for music and we loved when he was given … Continue reading

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The Chill Sounds of Egypt

Artist: Beats Antique Song: Egyptic Album: Blind Threshold Mood: No mood, if that’s possible I’ve reached a point in the past few weeks where I’m tired of feeling. It’s not even a matter of being numb to everything. More so … Continue reading

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The Lights Are Calling Me Home

Artist: Ellie Goulding Song: Lights (Bassnectar Remix) Album: Divergent Spectrum and Lights (The Remixes) Mood: Searching for light in the darkness Ellie Goulding blew up the radio last year with her hit single “Lights,” but the song gained even more … Continue reading

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Trying to Be a Fighter

Artist: Christina Aguilera Song: Fighter Album: Stripped Mood: Attempts at strength I’m not the biggest Christina Aguilera fan but I cannot deny enjoying a handful of her songs. What can I say? They’re catchy –and “Fighter” is one of them. … Continue reading

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Stand Up to Be Stronger

Artist: Within Temptation Song: Pale Album: The Silent Force Mood: Fighting for strength I was uncertain if I would do a post today for My Lyrical Disposition. There are only so many depressing songs I can write about in a … Continue reading

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