I Want To Be There For You

Artist: Flyleaf
Song: There For You
Album: Flyleaf
Mood: Helpful/Missing old friends

This past weekend I spent some time with old friends, some I haven’t seen in years. It’s amazing how you can just “pick up” where you left off, nothing is awkward or weird. But it got me thinking about how quickly life can change and how people come in and out of our lives so frequently. One moment you’re hanging out just about every week, then it becomes once a month, once every few months, on special occasions, etc. Today’s mood music is not only dedicated to the loved ones I haven’t seen in a long time but also to everyone new in my life.

Flyleaf’s song “There For You” is about those moments when you realize how much you care about the people in your life, you want to always be there for them. It’s fairly straightforward and simple. But what more do you need? It’s declaration of love and a promise to never forget how much we need others closely in our lives. As much as we sometimes want to push away, there is no greater feeling than knowing there is at least one person in your life you can count on, 100%. “I wanna be there for you / Someone you can come to / Runs deeper than my bones / I wanna be there for you.” The music itself is a more subdued Flyeaf –a “ballad” if you will. Sometimes simple is the most beautiful.

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