Slipping Into the Void

Artist: Nine Inch Nails
Song: Into the Void
Album: The Fragile
Mood: Morose and frustrated

When life gets frustrating and too much to handle, Trent Reznor always seems to have my back. Today is one of those days where it’s a struggle to be happy. It’s Friday and all I’m looking forward to this weekend is a date with the dentist and his drill –sexual pun intended, but sarcastic nonetheless. The Fragile was written at the lowest point in Reznor’s life; he was deep into his depression and drug addiction. Hence it is a great album for wallowing in self pity.

But the song “Into the Void” isn’t really about self pity so much as it’s a song of frustration. It’s knowing that you truly want to be happy. You’re trying to save yourself from slipping further but you can’t hold on. The verses are short, but it’s the one line chorus that shines in the song and repeats continually, “Tried to save myself, but myself keeps slipping away.” And as the song marches on, Reznor’s sentiment grows in intensity, in anger. Hindrance has won this round.

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